A trip to Yakutia (republic of Sakha)

When it comes to traveling and tourism, then there are many tourists who love visiting different locations. These locations are usually most beautiful according to their vision. But in reality, everything is beautiful by nature.


Therefore, today the topic of discussion is Yakutia, a republic of Sakha in Russian countries.  This geographic location becomes the center of attention when it comes to its beauty.


Though there are many hilly areas with cold weather but this one carries its own individualities. The temperature here makes it the toughest area to live in as life gets frozen here thoroughly.


The temperature outside of the home and offices here is -71C. which means that if you bring your hand outside for up to 15 minutes, it may get freeze and you need to cut it. This is why people here are conscious about covering their bodies.


The long coats and shoes made of special stuff sell here. These could only help you to visit this city and enjoy its lights and darks. The second thing which could be a precautionary measure is engine ceasing.  If you left your car engine turned off, it won’t be able to restart.


The most selling item in this region is fish as people love to eat fish in different recipes. Fish is also cheaper here and sold openly. There is no concept of a freezer as the external temperature is beyond freezing levels.


People here avoid using metal outside the home even they don’t touch metal without gloves or clothes. As metal can stick to your body in this extremely cold weather.


There are beautiful forests and streets with unique construction. The construction here is mostly made on the support of pillars. There are meters of thickness in ice layers that’s why they don’t construct homes on the ground. Instead, they make some dig-outs for pillars and then construct buildings over them.



Yakutia is broad to visit and admire its beauty. Thus if you are aspiring to visit this area, don’t forget to follow the precautionary measures as it can be the deadliest area to visit. 

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