A smoking bear who became the hero of World War 2!!

Loyalty and love are the things that circulate this world to live. We are living a life where the most impacting thing is love and loyalty. Some of us got emotional and can go to any length for these two terms.


But some never pay it what it demands. This phrase is applicable to a historical hero “Wojtek”, a bear who fought in World War 2. He was the senior of his unit and worked bravely against nazists.


Wojtek was trained enough to deal with certain circumstances. He was capable of shifting weapons, firing rockets, and also guiding his unit about when and where to fire.

The Beer Drinking Bear that Helped Win the War Against the Nazis | by  JustAnnet 👑 | History of Yesterday

A soldier who was fighting in that war narrates that he was amazed when he saw a bear growling to fire and carrying weapons. The experience of fighting in that war was totally amazing.


Wojtek continued to work with them until they won the war against Nazists. The leading role in that war was paid by Wojtek. But what he gets after wars is a prison in Edinburgh Zoo!!!


Do you think it is enough?? Do you say it to be an award for such a loyal bear!!


This is why I was shouting at the start of this article that some humans would never even pay you for your loyalty.  

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So, the story actually starts back from the Russian Jail. The Russian army released some polish soldiers when Germany invaded. This unit of soldiers was on their adventurous journey when something abnormal happened to them!


It was the day when their life was going to change and they were about to meet another partner. The partner was a little brown baby bear staying alone on the mountain of Iran.


While passing through these mountains, the unit saw this baby bear there and picked it up. They think that his mother was hunted and he may die there without food and care.


Thus, they adopted that baby bear and named him Wojtek. He then grew up in that unit under special training and treatment.  This led him to become fond of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Polish Army Bear Wojtek During World War II

The one who was a special caretaker for Wojtek said that drinking one bottle was not enough for him. He was even capable of boxing and wrestling with soldiers. Most of the time he travels from one area to another by sitting on a bike and jeep.


Wojtek soon become a member of that unit and continued to grow up to senior levels.  Wojtek was the only bear of its species that never feel comfortable with other bears but love to stay in the company of humans.


He spent quality time with the Polish army unit but the ending was not as demanded by Wojtek's love and loyalty toward the polish army. He ended up in the Edinburgh Zoo at the age of 21.


It was really a sadistic story to explain and I eventually fall into tears. But what do you think about human behavior toward these loyal animals? Let me know in the comment section.



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