A smashing slap to Jazz with 30 million Fine!

Pakistan is the country of ease for different businesses and startups. This is why many global investors start their projects in Pakistan due to cheap costs and huge benefits. But from now on it could be an end!


Starting today with the Jazz Mobilink, one of the reputed telecommunication companies in Pakistan. Jazz is also working in Pakistan from the very start and there are billions of customers throughout Pakistan.

FBR Sealed JAZZ Offices (Non-payment Of Rs.25 Billion Income Tax)

Recently jazz also won the award of fastest internet speed provider in Pakistan. Though there is huge competition Jazz improved itself and stood out in crowed.


This is why people are trusting jazz but is it a reality?

No dude, there is something interesting today to know about!


According to news media, the Pakistan Telecommunication authority fined 30 million to Jazz company with a notice as well.


PTA officials stated that Jazz has failed to maintain its services in seven different cities of Pakistan. They said that a local survey was conducted where people shared their reviews about Jazz.


Moreover, the PTA officials said that Jazz is getting challenges in meeting the standards of services in Pakistan. Thus if it fails to make it, we may or shall ban the services of Jazz in Pakistan.

FBR seals Jazz head office moments after serving tax notice for Rs25bn -  Newspaper - DAWN.COM

This notice and fine could be a heavy shock for Jazz officials. Because recently they were in clouds with highly costing internet and poor micro-accounts.


Even recently the Jazz cash and other services were interrupted and people face challenges in continuing their regular usage.


So it is a harder time for Jazz officials to come up with the crisis and quality standards in the mentioned cities. While on the other hand, its major competitors like Zong and Telenor are ranking with services improvement.


Also, the competition is offering huge discounts on their packages which may become another challenge for Jazz to survive.


If you are also a Jazz user, please share your experience in the comment section. don’t forget to mention your city and the services you are using. It would help authorities manage the services more precisely.

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