A naked protest happened in Spain Against Russia!

Where all the countries are applying different restrictions to Russia, some strange things are also happening around us.


Different types of protests are going on throughout the world. But there is a unique group of Feminists in Spain who protests every uniquely.


Basically, this unique protest is becoming their limelight and they get noticed thoroughly in the whole world.


This is something they did in the Capital of Spain where all the members of that group “Famine” started protesting naked.

This protest was carried out at the front gate of the Russian Embassy in Spain. One woman has also written some peace lines for Ukraine on her body.


This protest didn’t make any effect on them and the fight is still going on. But the most noticing thing is that why to do naked when they can do protest calmly.


If you know any reason behind this act, do comment in the comment section.

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