A man and his dog died while doing sex with their sex doll!

Mysterious deaths are not a new thing in this world. Most of the time, we see many people dying astoundingly. The reason behind their death mysteries is not still solved.


Something similar had happened in Thailand where a 56 years old man and his dog died of a heart attack!

Man and pet dog both die while having 'threesome' with life-size sex doll -  Daily Star

The strange thing is how both of them could die from a heart attack. Another interesting fact, in this case, was that Afin Tomasing, the man who died was living with his sex doll.


He and his dog were living in a small wooden slum in the forest. There was no way known to that man and living alone. His small wooden house was stuffed with pictures of naked girls.


It seems that he was sex-addicted and died doing sex with his sex doll. But what about that dog? Though the man was old by age and might get a heart attack at this age. But why dog died also?


This case become interesting and the police are investigating. The heart attack reason is found in the post Mortem report of both animals and men. Further reports is about to come that why they both died.


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