A Girl in the River

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A Girl in the River:


  • Cracking The Start Of The Film!!

  • Rate of Honour Killing in Pakistan!!

  • Perpetrators of honor killing!!

  • “The Cost Of Mercy” !!

  • The actions took by the government at that time:

A Girl in the River:


A girl in the river is an Oscar-winning documentary based on a real story consisting of original characters. The location of the story was Gujranwala, the main city of Punjab province. This is a Sharmeen Obaid Chinoyś film. The story is based on honor killing.

Cracking The Start Of The Film!!

Saba ran away at the age of 18 to marry the young man she loved and admired. When her father called her home to communicate, he and her uncle assaulted her, shot her in the head, placed her in a sack, and knocked her into a Pakistani river. They claimed she had harmed her family's reputation and that they had done the "right thing."

Saba made it out alive and was able to get assistance. While her father and uncle were detained, the charges against them were dropped due to a loophole in Pakistani law that permits abusers to walk free if the victim – or the victim's family – "forgives" them.

Saba was compelled to forgive her father and uncle and renounce her quest for justice after heavy pressure from her community's male leaders.

Rate of Honour Killing in Pakistan!!

At the start of this heading, I want to discuss our Minister's stance on honor killing. The prime minister of that time Mr. Nawaz Sharif has taken a stance against culprits. He has tried a lot to make every girlś life secure.  Many parliamentarians have also taken a huge stance against honor killing.

Every year in Pakistan more than 1 thousand women and girls' lives are mercilessly cut short in Pakistan, ostensibly for the sake of honor. Wives, daughters, and mothers have been slain by being shot, strangled, burned, or stoned based on mere suspicions or a false charge of the most minor of offenses.

Perpetrators of honor killing!!

According to the aurat foundation report out of 170 killings, 75 were committed by brothers, 36 were committed by husbands, 20 were committed by fathers, and 39 were committed by others. “Others” may include mothers, extended family members, community members, or people hired to commit an honor killing.

Source: Aurat Foundation 

 “The Cost Of Mercy” !!


Sharmeen Obaid-film Chinoy's A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness, which received an Academy Award for best documentary short, tells Saba's remarkable story. Equality Now, which has worked on this problem for more than two decades, is lobbying for a stronger law in Pakistan, one that will ensure perpetrators of honor crimes are prosecuted without the prospect of compromise or forgiveness, in collaboration with the filmmakers and Change.org. This gap must be addressed in order for a guilty individual to be held accountable.

The actions took by the government at that time:


After seventeen years, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has declared his resolve to end honor killings. He is working on amending Pakistan's legal code to ensure that perpetrators of such atrocities be punished, which is a historic sign of progress. The modifications might be given to the legislature as soon as this week. According to our understanding, the law would ensure that the Islamic legal idea of forgiveness does not apply in circumstances when the victim and perpetrator families are the same.

Pakistan's government can dissuade criminals by sending a clear message that such atrocities will not be tolerated, as well as taking steps to meet its commitments to maintain "zero tolerance" for crimes against women and girls.

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