A couple mistakenly landed to Paris by choosing a wrong flight!

Though it seems to be funny it’s true. They boarded in a wrong plane and then finally landed on a wrong destination.


It’s a common thing that we all get distracted and mistakenly choose the wrong bus or train. But it’s the most unique case in which a couple mistakenly chosen a wrong flight.


Basically, they want to go to Denmark and board the flight of Ryan Air. They said that when they reached the airport, there was only one plane waiting and we didn’t think about if it is going to Denmark or not.


Also they said that we have shown our passports and tickets to the boarding department. But they said to sit on your seats quietly. How it ended was surprising that they landed on the airport of Paris.


This mistaken flight caused them a loss of 980 pounds and they were furious about negligence of boarding department.


But instead of all these, I experienced a louder laughing when i got to know about this thing. How idiots they were?


Share your opinion on this matter in comment section and let us know that who is the true accuser of this issue?

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