7 things To Do When You Are young

This article is for people who are young and trying to find out the purpose of their life and thinking what is the purpose of their life and by following which books and people they can accomplish their goals in life.

What are the books, habits, and people they need to follow in their life?

They Don’t know how to become more productive and use their time effectively!

Most importantly These young people are desperate for such a piece of life advice that comes from wise parents or grandparents.

Let’s be honest, if our parents have given 100% of their time and love for growing us but just because the generation before them i.e. our grandparents have experienced very fearful incidents in the world, so this trauma of our grandparents comes in our parents through the parenting, that’s why in today’s world most of the children are suffering from bad parenting and they got distracted from the original purpose of their life.

If you think that you are also this kind of young person, then read these bits of advice carefully to take your life on track!

1. Enter Into Unfamiliar Environments

It means that visit such places from which you are unfamiliar.

These unfamiliar things may be the actual physical destination, like a city whose culture is very new for you and you are unfamiliar with that, or may the activities you have not done yet. Like, to explore such a subject, which you always wanted to understand.

Psychology says when we face such a thing that is unfamiliar to us. That thing challenges our present knowledge and forces us to grow so that we expand the understanding of our reality.

This advice is very effective for your continuous growth because in this world there are many things with which you are unfamiliar.

If you want to expand the circle of your thinking, willpower, and knowledge then put yourself in unknown places and unknown experiences and adapt yourself according to that situation.

2. Look Where You Least want to

This point goes two steps forward than facing the unfamiliar environment because where new things give you new knowledge, they’re the things from which you are afraid gives you that knowledge that you require the most.

You have listened to most people saying that,

Face Your fear

Face those things from which you have very much fear!

But the question is why?

Why Should we make ourselves uncomfortable and attract difficulties towards ourselves?

Well, psychology says when we face such a thing by our choice, which makes us afraid and grows disgusted us, then from that confrontation, we got such insights that are important for our development, without those we are not able to unlock our potential.

There was a famous proverb:

In Sterquiliniis Invenitur

Which means,

In the filth, it will be found

 Inside all of us somewhere there are some ideas, old fears, forgotten painful memories, and the shame of not achieving something present which cannot let us move forward till we stop avoiding them.

Yes! It’s true, in our unconscious mind, these rejecting things control us all the time.

For coming out of these things we have to put our hands in this rubbish and take out the hidden gold from this rubbish.

3. Observe Natural Phenomena

Understanding nature is like understanding your own self.

Most of the people who spend their life in a closed room with artificial things are not only disconnected from nature but also disconnected from their own selves.

Because of living in block-like buildings, the curiosity inside us got died, which automatically comes outside of us when we got attached to nature.

Every tree, every leaf, every insect, every flower, every fruit, and every animal fulfill our brain with new questions and new ideas because our body is made for functioning optimally in the natural environment.

In natural environments, we get proper sunlight and the electrical charge of the earth keeps our bodies healthy and fit. The beauty of nature tells us about the universe and our place in this universe. In a natural environment, only a single walk provides us so many ideas.

If you want to become successful in your life then align yourself with the flow of nature.

4. Learn To Read, Write And Speak

In today’s world, people are forgetting the importance of reading, writing, and speaking.

That’s why most people are mediatic followers instead of critical thinkers, they rely on the thoughts of other people and think that they knew everything and other people have to learn things from them in reality, such mediatic followers have a sheep mentality, and such people having sheep mentality are always used by other people.

This is the reason when you have the ability to easily understand, read, write, learn and speak difficult things then nobody is able to use you for their purpose.

So daily reading something, writing something about difficult things, like writing about your own life increases your self-awareness, you can organize your thoughts and talk to other people with this purpose that you want to reach reality so that you can fluently communicate, and when a problem comes in your home and society you got an ability to clearly address that.

5. Spend Some Time On Solitude

This is the best way to figure out your life but most of the young people of today’s world can’t even sit alone for some time because they have fear of their own thoughts and from sitting alone negative thoughts come into their mind, and for breaking their focus on those things, they started consuming social media, etc.

Such people never be got self-aware and also unable to carry the healthy relationship because till you can’t learn to live alone you rely on others so that they make you feel bored or happy.

Till you are with other people you consider yourself a son or daughter, mother or father, or a student but when you are alone you think that,

Who you are?

In order to get the answer to this question you have to keep yourself away from any social situation for some time and you will get the answer easily.

That’s the reason solitude moves the life of the young individual in a true way.

6. Work As Hard As You Can On At least One Thing

When we are young we have many opportunities and choices and we continuously jump from one thing to another, and just because of this attitude we got failed to deeply invest in one thing.

However, this is such a time in which we can take so many risks in our life and test our passions. While testing our passions, if we get failed, it does not matter a lot because at a young age, we are able to afford any kind of failure and we also have time to recover things.

By working on only one thing deeply, we can easily achieve our destination in life.

7. Become Independent And Make Health And Fitness Your Top Priority

For becoming an adult the most important part is to take responsibility. At young age try to take responsibility and become independent as soon as possible and give cover to your family and parents.

Do not rely on your parents too much, try to be independent and supportive of your family.

For becoming an independent and successful individual, take your health and fitness as your first priority because with good health a man can work on the way to his success

Put positive thoughts in your mind and eat healthily.

Give your health first priority, and see how much your life will get changed!

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