7 humans who really have mutant powers!!

We, humans, are the real face of nature miracles. As some are born with white skin, some with dark and man colors. Similarly, you can see in animals that have many similarities but lies in different species groups.


This is why we mostly say that we are still unable to discover the whole world. Though Nasa is planning to land and find life on earth 2.0 planet but still in our world, there are many things to know which can astound you.


One of those things or miracles which we usually see in movies, mutant, are really existing. Most people think that mutant is another species of human born with some supernatural powers.


But that’s not a matter of fact as mutant means having a different kind of change in mutagen of humans. These changes could be either pre-born or occur by accidents.


So, finally, we are going to mention some of the superhumans or mutants having a special power.


1)      Mr. eats all

Mr. eats all was the name given to a man of around 30 to 35 years of age. He was suffering from a certain issue of high appetite which enable him to eat non-consumable things.

He can eat almost everything from rubber to metal and leather. This is why he became a French entertainer and his fan rating increased day by day. One of his impressive milestones was to eat a whole plane in pieces in two years.


When people interviewed him, he said I just like to eat and then do it. Some doctors say that he has strong walls of the intestines and stomach which helps him in digesting these materials.


2)      Yogmata (the third eye)

Yogmata is a girl living in India. She is also counted as one of the mutants or humans having supernatural powers. She is such a talented girl that she can see without opening her eyes.


When she claimed about it, there was a test taken in public. Her eyes were tied by four layers of clothes but even after those clothes, she was reading scripts easily.

She said that she can also ride the cycle and walk in crowed without using her eyes. For her superpowers, people call her the third eye girl. They said that it could be acquired by a special practice and prayers done by their local monks.


3)      Jyoti Raj (the real spiderman)

Jyoti Raj got viral when he was captured in a video climbing over hills and walls just like a spiderman does.  Though he doesn’t emit cobwebs still he can climb over the walls without falling and without any rope or any support.


4)      Nikoli (The magneto)

Nikoli is a child born in Russia with a super name called the magneto. Apparently, he seems to be a normal child but when you got to know about his powers, you would be amazed.

As I mentioned at the start of the article some are born with superpowers and some are given because of accidents. Something similar happens with Nikoli. When he was 12 years old, he got electric shock which was not fatal but bestowed him with an everlasting supernatural power of the magnetic body.


Now he can attract almost all metal items from Iron to mobile phones and spoons. He has become superhuman by accident.


5)      Deepak (Electro man)

Deepak is a 19 years old boy living in India. He is also called an electro man due to his supernatural power of electricity passing body. He was not aware of it until he repaired his grandmother's radio and feel that electricity can pass from his body.

Now he can even touch, lick and hold wires of 440KW current which never hurts him. His body works as an electricity passer which lets him use a bulb or other machines running with a wire held in his hands and others touched with the mouth.


6)      Yong Jin (Powerful Kid)

Yong Jin is a little kid of age 10 to 12 living in China. He became famous when his video of pulling a car went viral on the internet. People started approaching him and asked their parents about him.

He was not doing any training or eating anything special. But he needs a lot to make his body work properly. This little kid can lift up to two large boxes of 30kg and pull a car with no severe effort.


7)      Liam (super strong babe)

Liam is a super babe with some powers which you couldn’t find anywhere.  He was bestowed with a powerful body and muscles which lets him work greater than his age.


At his birth, his mother left him because someone said her that Liam is a defective child.  But when he grew up to five months, he was capable of walking up to stairs and down. At the age of one year, he was capable of playing with 2kg dumbbells which seems like a toy for him.


This could be unbelievable but you can watch it from YouTube as well.

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