6 tips to start saving money this year 2022

Live is getting harder in Asian countries, especially in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. These countries are still working to eliminate poverty but it is increasing.


People are striving hard to meet their livings by earning from multiple ways. But even when you are struggling from multiple sources, you need to focus on savings.


Savings are usually ignored and we prioritize earning all the time. While on the other hand planned savings can help you lessen your earning efforts.


This is why today we are going to discuss the best 6 tips for increasing savings. These tips are quite easier to follow and are being ignored on daily basis.


So let’s start with it;


  • Create a saving account

The first thing we usually ignore is a saving account. Different people emphasize creating a business or current accounts. But this one could be your helping hand if you are a middle-class person.


A savings account helps you save more money on your deposit. For instance, you are getting some of the profit on your remittance.


This saving could be interesting in your sense but I consider it as “equality”.


For instance, bank charges you different taxes and fees whenever you withdraw, use credit cards, or other services. All those charges could be equaled by having a saving account and spending the profit on those charges.


  • Differentiate between needs and wants

There is an immense difference between needs and wants. But we middle-class people bother both of them as the same. If we start considering the difference and make savings, we can also accomplish the wants.


Needs should be prioritized and then separate some budget for them. Once you purchased them start saving and then if there is some extra buy what you want.


  • Planing eatables

The third and most ignoring factor in our houses is planning eatables. We usually go to the market think about what we want to eat today and then purchase it.


We don’t think about budgeting, pricing and then on the next day, we wish to eat another recipe. This is the thing that destroys our budgets entirely.


Start planning your eatables before visiting a nearby mall. Track your 7 days of eating and estimate one veggie to be lasting for one or two days.


It would help you save and also change your eating behavior. You can add nutrients to your diet and also enjoy the true taste of these bounties by God.


  • Avoid poverty thoughts and choose wisely

Usually, when it comes to spending and expenses, we start thinking of ourselves as poor. Spending wisely and avoiding lavishness is not poverty. We all have our families and responsibilities to fulfill.


Being a family man or a responsible person, we have to think hundred of times before spending on waste products. Thus start building a community that contributes to motivating you for more savings and making wise decisions.


  • Bill smoothing

Bill smoothing or installments, there are different terms for a single sensor which is partitioning. Most of the time, when we decide to pay bills one time, it becomes challenging.


Even some people look for debts for completing their bills. This is why many experts suggest that always choose to partition the whole prices or installments.


By doing this, you can pay the minimum amount for your bills and also save some money for other things. This is why smart planning for spending money is necessary.


  • Collective saving

 Collective saving is the last but not least for bringing a huge change in daily life. One can start saving as much as one can by separating some amount for collective savings.


In this scheme, a group of people starts contributing any prefixed amount. Every month this amount is collected from all the members and safely handed over to a trustworthy person.


Now at the end of every month, there is some quiz type judgment where we write names of contributors on a small piece of paper.


These papers are then mixed and one picks up one piece of paper. The winner would get all the collective money. This schema continues till the last person got his part.

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