5 ways to prevent Cyber Attacks

In recent years, the biggest aim for hackers were bank accounts and the companies having large revenue details on machines.


Cyberattack is targeting every big and small business for the sake of money, mental torture, and sometimes self-satisfaction. This is why many companies are spending millions on improving their cyber security.


But be aware of the types of cyber-attacks. Basically, cyber-attacks are a type of stealing or theft that utilizes some kind of code or internet-based formulas to penetrate systems. These attacks could be in form of direct website downfall, phishing, data breaching, data leakage, etc.


Among all these types of cyber-attack, what’s demanding is to control these attacks by improving our cyber security. Therefore, today we are going to discuss 5 basic and most influencing ways to prevent cyber-attacks.


1)      Updating and upgrading

The most noticed reason behind major cyber-attacks is updating and upgrading. Many developers forget to develop a system that could be updated once a month or twice a year. As an older database could be simpler for hackers to penetrate.

Upgrade, Windows, Laptop

This is why today, the software that is available in patches form is all that was updated late. Therefore, it is advised to use a patch management system and keep your system or software updated. A new update terminates the services in all other machines.


2)      WIFI device security

WIFI is not a new technology to be introduced here. Many of us utilize a WIFI network from different companies. This wireless technology works with a central device called a modem.


If the modem is used for malware and cyber-attacks, it could be dangerous for re-use. Many times, you see an open WIFI range in your area. Never ever try to connect with a free WIFI as it can attack your device and steal whole data.

Wi-Fi, Network, Router, Building

The same rules go for business organizations that utilized the internet on daily basis. They must protect their wifi network by securing it and hiding it from the public.  They must not let their wifi system open even for a second. As hackers are always ready to capture a single opportunity to penetrate networks.


3)      Access distribution

A password secures a physical locker even it is made of super iron. Similarly, access to software and machines secures a machine or software and protects it.


When it comes to business, you are owning it and investing over it, protecting it with access distribution. For example, you need a database that utilizes different types of data access including employee access, user access, admin access, and super admin access.


Doing this would reduce the risk of data leaking and the threats associated with malwares in data. Thus protect your data or machines today with access management or distribution strategy.


Setup a firewall

A firewall is like a shield protecting a soldier from enemies’ attacks. A similar firewall works for your machines and software that protects them from external attacks. Thus protect your data with a firewall.

Warning, Alert, Detected, Malware

5)      Training employees

Employee training is the most crucial step that every organization should consider after hiring. Different organization or businesses has different cultures. One needs to be fully equipped with that to make their safe and prolonged working journey.


Most of the time hackers took advantage of employees by sending fake emails of entering credentials or spy links. Employees consider it as their official links or emails and proceed to it. Which results in data leakage.

Training, Training Course

Therefore, train your employees with expert sessions so that they can distinguish from the cyber-attacks and official data. Plan training of employees twice a year to make them acknowledge new technologies and trends of cyber-attacks.

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