5 things that seem to be lazy but boost productivity

Productivity is not only in doing office tasks on time. It is a term that works in all aspects of life. Productivity means that we should be agile in our daily routines. We are on time about everything whether it is party time or working time.


But how we are dragging productivity in our lives, by having coffee? Or some medicine? No, dude. There is a totally different matter that really and seriously matters. Productivity comes when you are comfortable doing what you like.


This is what you can develop in your work life as well with some common things. These things are usually ignored as they might stop you from growing but in reality, this is your growth.


let’s disclose the hidden secrets;


  • Say “ No” even when the greater opportunity comes in busy time

This is the line that covers deeper meaning. Usually, we think that a person who is the busiest in our office would do the great work and is doing. But why we are neglecting the other face of the picture? Did you ever think about why he/she is busy?


Basically, it happens when we ask “yes” for making us noticed in the eyes of the boss. But it can bring disgrace to you if you are not capable of doing things on time. Therefore, be a smart person and try to accomplish what you are currently holding.


Also assigning a task to a person who has much time to do is a wise choice. Because he or she has the time to rethink and reach the best approach. So always choose a person who is slow and always remains free from tasks.


  • Chatting while working time

The workplace doesn’t mean you are in the prison. You are free to make arguments and discuss your projects with each other. Most of the time, many departments are interlinked with each other.

group of people using laptop computer

So, if your project manager does not know this thing, explain him but don’t be too idle to stay on your screen. It would make you lazy and sleepy and you won’t be able to work continuously 8 hours a day.


Even some employees started to get distracted from work by exploring other websites. Thus, don’t make them feel they are in a prison of closed language. Let them speak with each other. It would make them feel like a family and open up thoughts.


  • Taking a nap

Recently, a picture was uploaded on the internet which shows a sleeping machine. Google is providing the opportunity of having a nap in break time. Basically, it is the most important and demanding thing in productivity-boosting.

man sleeping on snow

People are ignoring it, but working continuously is not possible. Thus, whenever you feel sleepy have a short nap and then get back to work. You will feel a greater difference than your early working habits.


  • A long walk alone

Did you ever walk on the roadside in a fresh cool breeze? Have you ever gone to a park near to your office? Did you tried some music and walk in the meantime of working?


If not, then you are seriously ignoring a core factor that can contribute to your productivity. This factor is going to change the way you are looking at your working routines.

woman carrying backpack on forest

Whenever you get a break in your working time, try to do some walk. Wear your brandy headphone listen to some songs you like the most. Let your mind calm down and feel nature.


This is all there to make you feel that you are free to work, you are doing this as a passion not as need of the hour. This would make you love your job and the way you daily come to your office and meet your colleagues.


  • Enjoy vacations

Most of the time, we believe that working in the vacations would make us save vacations as well as earn more. But what about the tired mind? Would you be able to enjoy your working routine?

man in blue crew neck t-shirt and brown shorts sitting on blue and white textile

Surely, no. A tired mind can’t produce what is expected from it. You should always go for and beyond to make it easier about working. And all this comes when you are fresh and have an active mind.


To make your mind active, enjoy your vacations. Don’t be greedier to spoil your mind and fall into anxiety and other issues. Get some positive thoughts and visit your family on vacation.


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