5 exercises to increase your height effectively

Are you exhausted of listening to comments on your height? Do you fail to compete in different parts of life? Are you not getting a proper job for your future settlements?


No worries, take a deep breath and everything is going to be settled. Short height is not your problem of yours. Every second among the three in today’s generation is facing this issue.


The major causes behind short height are lack of eating healthy foods and genetic issues. But even after all the causes and issues, one can increase its height by following some active lifestyle.


There are some of the best and most effective working exercises to do. So let’s start it;


  • Bar hanging

One of the most effective and top-rated exercises in increasing the size of body and height is bar hanging. This technique is useful in increasing size gradually and for permanent.


Many experts suggest this exercise which you have to follow three to four times a day. What you need to do is hang with a straight bar made of solid material.


Just hold it firmly and let your body lift on the tension of your hands. Leave your body in the same posture for 20 to 30 seconds.


It will pull your muscles pushed and messed. Stretching your muscles would also add some to your body and height.


  • Side stretching

Mostly all the exercises that are working for height increase are connected with belly fat. So when you will be doing these exercises you will also be hitting on belly fat.


In this context, side stretching is also proven for its magical effects on body stretching and height. Side stretching is just easy to follow to stand still by expanding your legs apart up to 1.5 feet.


Now make your one hand upward and move it to the other side of your ribs until the opposite side starts hurting. Do it the same from the other side and you will be feeling quite an active session.


By doing these exercises and you will be reducing love handles along with an increase in your height.


  • Front spine stretching

The spine plays a wider role in stretching and proper working of the body. This is the exercise we all have done in our childhood and school days.


This exercise is quite easier to do by stretching your legs toward the front and sitting down calmly. Now extend your hands toward the toe of your feet.


Stretch your spine to the maximum extent and do this posture for 10 to 15 seconds. And do the maximum sets.


  • Bending toward feet

As I mentioned above spine stretching plays a vital role in height increase. So if you want an alternative to the above exercise, here is another bending and extension of the spine.

Young sporty Indian woman performs yoga asana indoor  front bending exercise stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Bend toward your feet on the front side. Try to touch your feet by keeping your knees inside. Extend your touching on daily basis. When you will be able to touch the ground, you will be happy to know that you are making some increment in your height.


  • Low lunge arch

Last but not least is the low lunge arch. This exercise tones your upper body muscle and helps them grow by stretching them.


In this exercise, lay on the ground. Now put one leg on the front by bending it toward your knee. Push your other leg on backward by laying your knee on the ground.


Now joint the hands-on upper side. Do this posture for a few seconds and then retry the same for both legs. If you don’t get it try to watch some video tutorials for this exercise.

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