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5 Differences Online - Play Amazing Board Game


The gaming industry is getting evolved with many new entrances. Even now developers are preferring to work on games that are open to all ages, for instance, board games.  These games, especially puzzle and difference find, are very popular due to their tremendous value in adding experiences. Game-like difference finding, a gamer experiences the most unique playing ability with creativity enhancement. 


This game works on the phenomenon of finding the difference between two pictures. This puzzle is getting crazier for attention and people love to play this game. Not only entertainment but playing games like 5 differences online brings comfort to mind with memory sharpness and focusing abilities. Thus, if you are in search of such an addictive and fun-playing game, then you have landed the right spot. In this article, we are going to review 5 differences online, one of the marvelous games to play. So stay connected to get all the aspects cleared briefly;


About 5 Differences Online Board Game:

5 differences online is one of the best differences in finding board games on the play store and app store. This game comes in handy for both IOS and Android users with minimum memory coverage. The latest version of this game is being uploaded there with some new developments in it. To enjoy it with all the perks described here, Go download it!

When it comes to brainstorming and creativity boosting, we thoroughly hit on games like puzzle games, word choice, etc. but recently a game got the attention of a million users with its edgy features. Yeah, this is 5 difference online board games, a game who is ruling the play store, and an app store with its non-stop playing perks.

No matter what device you are using, when you download it, the very first look makes the most of it. Quality Graphics and mind-calming music make you get inside this game. The more you explore it the more you become addicted to it.


The main phenomenon on which this game is developed is finding differences in the pictures shown. There would be two pictures with many differences in them. You have to highlight them as fast as compared to your opponent. It's a multiplayer rivalry game with a unique taste of winning with maximum points. The more points you get the more huge player you become.

If you are making it easier like other board games, then let me make it clear that this is going to be really challenging. You have not experienced such a challenging game with difficulty increasing at every single level you cross.


Features of 5 Differences Online Board Game:

Online multiplayer game: one of the key features that distinguish it from other difference-finding games is the online multiplayer experience. You can only play while having a connection. If you are logged in with Facebook, you can play with friends.


Daily rewards: As it is a mind game then you need coins to buy hints if needed. These coins could be won by playing games and also getting daily rewards when you play games daily. Also, there is a mission completing reward and level completing reward, so many coins!


Huge game with multiple games: As mentioned above, it's not only a difference finding game but a game with many nested games. There are many levels in a single episode and many episodes to cover. So it won’t be ending soon and every level brings huge difficulty for you. Moreover, you have to complete the episode puzzle to unlock the new episode, so there is a unique experience puzzle as well. Along with it, you can enjoy bonus games if you are winning at any level.



Character customization: giving it a personalized experience, you can also win different levels to get points. These points and coins could be later on used for upgrading character. Also, you can give a custom name to your profile and a unique avatar you love.



Make collections and decor rooms: Your game is just like the home you are building and enjoying comfort living. Thus while completing different levels, you can get certain items collections. These items could be a pet, hammer, rope, and many other things. After completing level 16 you are unlocked to a room. This is your room which you can decorate and enjoy gaming here as well.



Growing pet: to make this game worth playing and a good time killing, you would also be growing a pet you love. You can buy it or get it in collections and then grow it by feeding and many more.


Gold mining: Gold coins are not to end with different aspects offering you more and more gold. You can mine Gold by upgrading your levels and scores. A fun playing game within a game.



it’s a free game to download and play. But there are in app purchases like buying gold coins.


For IOS users

For Android Users


Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Android 4.4 and above


Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later.


iPod touch

Requires iOS 11.0 or later.



Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.






Playing board games like 5 difference online is not a bad thing, though it is addicting. Games like this help you bring consciousness and boost many mental aspects. Many researchers said that playing such games helps you recover from depression, boosts creativity, and helps in being sharp. If you are thinking of getting bored only with simple difference finding then this game would change the way you think. its non-stop feature would make you download it and get one hand on it. If you think you are a true genius and this game is fun playing, then it is going to be really challenging for you. As millions of players are online playing it and can’t go further without getting hints. To sum up, it’s one best time killing and most realistic board games to play.


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