5 air-purifying plants that you can grow at home

Living a life of pollution and bad health is no less than being in a solitary cell. Improvise your way of living even when you are living in the city. There are many simple and easy-to-follow practices to bring your hygienic lifestyle to the next level.



As a human, the most important thing that matters to us is inhaling fresh air. Nowadays, due to industrial development, fresh air has become a nightmare for all of us. Thus the only support we can get plants.



Growing plants in your homes can bring a massive change to your lifestyle. Not only fresh air but also bringing a calmness to one’s mind that works most of the time a day.



Today, we are about to discuss the 5 air purifying plants which are quite easier to grow at home. let’s start with it;



  • English Ivy

If you are living in extremely hot areas, no need to buy costly air-conditioned. There is a simple solution to follow, grow English Ivy. This plant or you can call it a herb grows simply 20 to 30 meters in the form of wires.

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English Ivy does not demand much sunlight. It would cover your whole roof and provide a cooling effect inside your rooms. It would also purify your home air and deliver the best and fresh breath.  The only safety precaution you need to follow is growing it outside the home. As it could be fatal for your children or pets.


  • Palm tree

Palm trees are worldwide famous for their beauty and ease of growth. These trees have different types and species but could be recognized with the same shape of leaves. Many people grow it in their gardens to give a look of royalty.

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You can buy its home planting type which could be grown up in a pot. It would also purify your home air and let you freshen your mind. The best thing about palm trees is that it is non-toxic and everyone can grow them either inside the home or outside.


  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not a new plant for all of us. We know the medical and other benefits that it offers to an individual. Thus it has booked its unique place in everyone’s home. So if you still don’t bring this plant home, go grab it. Keep in mind that it could be toxic for pets and children if they eat barely.

Aloe Vera, Agave, Cactus, Plant, Green


  • Peace lily

Just remember about lily flowers, how beautiful they are? This is how beautiful they can make your home. Peace lily plants are internationally verified anti toxins plants that can purify your home air and kill maximum germs.

Peace Lily, Flower, Flowers, Garden


The plus point of this plant is that you do not need to keep it in sun. Also, its sand needs to be moisturized not fully wet. Its beautiful flowers could also add an enchanting look to your room or house. I would suggest bringing it to your study room for a fresher mind and ideas.


  • Snake plant

Last but not least is the snake plant that is often grown in office spaces. These plants are the hardest of all other plants. For example, you can skip a day or two not watering them and they would be in color. But you cannot do this with other plants. These plant leaves grow straight upward and are best for fresh oxygen production. The only bad thing with these plants is that you are not supposed to overwater them. Also, they are toxic for pets and children.

Snake Plant, Houseplant

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