4 things to include in your salad course and best time to eat

Salad is the most appealing course before the final meal. We all have eaten it once or many times in our lives. Salads are usually presented in the Marriage halls or on a certain occasion.


We usually consider it for weight loss and as a dietary meal. But what is the actual purpose of salad is not considered by many of us.


A perfect salad is not the tastier one. A perfect Salad is one that can detoxify your stomach and make it healthier and stronger against acidic foods like meat.


But if you want to add some taste and beauty to your salad, it’s not as difficult as you are trying to make. This is what today, we are going to mention the important 4 things to add to your salad;


  • Fresh vegetables

The original mean of salad is using fresh vegetables. But the concept is taken as using the topping of cream and some sweeteners. A combo of fresh vegetables would give a unique aroma and taste to your salad.


  • Adding fruit

The addition of fruit is to give it a look of royalty and also some taste. Fruit addition would make your taste buds active and ask for salad eating. But if you continue to eat the same veggies, you may get tired and start vomiting due to active acids in raw veggies.


  • Dressing

it’s an option ingredient of a salad. We usually add dressing and name it as Russian salad. While it is totally wrong to call that recipe, a Russian salad.


The dressing is added to give it a juicy taste and enjoyable to eat. You can prepare a sweet dressing at home by following DIY recipes available online. Because the dressing you buy from stores could be harmful due to the chemicals and artificial colors used in it.


  • Nuts topping

As we all know the most beautiful topping could be a combo of multiple nuts. It makes salad presentable as well as nutrients rich. Thus make nuts also part of your salad recipe and give it a look of richness.



The right time to eat salad;

The most asked question when it comes to health is the right to eat certain things. Salad is one of those things. So to answer that question, it’s quite simple that salad is always offered before the meals. The basic reason behind this is to prevent people from overeating. However, the actual reason behind using salad before the meal is to prevent acidity and indigestion from the food.

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