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Pakistan is a country still struggling to maintain its name in world economics. We as a nation cannot come up with the crises of lack of resources due to poor management and governments.

From the day we got the freedom to the present day, the circumstances changed every day. We have never been stable in the sense of economy and earning.

Due to this instability, inflation is increasing with a higher ratio. This inflation is targeting the lower class of the country badly. Though the elite class is somehow managing lower class is suffering extreme deficiency of resources in the sense of earnings.

So today we are going to discuss the best 4 business ideas that could be started from the doorstep of your home. No need to go out and spend extra, here is all you need to know about running your own business and earning lakhs.

1.      Badges machine

The first one we are going to mention here is the badges machine. Badges are used worldwide and it is one of the best-expanding businesses in the world. The surprising fact about this business is that this business is not locally selling but online as well.

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Mostly in Pakistan, people are failed in business because they don’t have proper knowledge of selling their products online. Whereas, online platforms like Amazon, Daraz, and personal websites are the best way to earn more than your expectations.

Starting with this business, you need a minimum investment of 10 thousand for buying this badging machine. Other than the machine, you may need to spend some money on a lamination machine, cartons sticker, and other related things.

If I say an overall cost for making a badge is 7 to 8 rupees per badge. You can sell this badge in the market for 15 to 20 rupees per badge. It means that you can earn approximately 50 to 30% profit on each badge. By selling about 500 badges a day, you can earn 2 to 3 thousand daily.

If you are smarter in working and earning then you can go for bulk orders by visiting different schools and colleges for bulk orders. There you can earn more than local scale.

2.      Rooftop plantation

The second easier and less cost business is rooftop plantation. Mostly in the summer season, we have to bear a lot of humidity and heat even the roofs become too hot.

Also, for people who don’t have initially a bigger investment to make their roof coated, here’s the best idea.

How to Create an Urban Rooftop Garden

Go for a plantation of grapes on your rooftop. If you have a roof of two rooms or one, buy two to four planters. These planters must be of some specific kinds of grapes that can give you a maximum of fruit in less time.

Now create wiring with rods between these planters on the roof. now by every single day, the grapes veil would be covering your whole roof making it cooler as well as supplying fruit for profit.

A specific type of grapes can give you more than 5 to 6 crates daily. These crates could be sold for 2000 of minimum rates in the fruit market. Thus, you can get a cheaper business that can help you earn seasonally for 1 to 2 lakhs every season.

This business doesn’t demand to be started y men only. Even housewives can easily water the veils and get fruits from these veils. So, start this business which is more than a business and an earning medium.

3.      Bathing chappal

Bathing chappal or a casual chappal is common in Asian countries. People usually wear these chappals as they are comfortable to wear and last longer than our costly shoes or sandals. These chappals are made of foam, therefore easier to wear for a longer time.

You can start manufacturing these chappals at home with minimum investment. This business guarantees you a handsome monthly income.  Even bigger brands that have become the pioneer of the market are earning from these chappals.

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For this purpose, you need to buy a machine of 35000 costs which could be purchased from Lahore Sadar market or Karachi. This machine comes with different sizes of dies that could be purchased separately. A whole set for making these chappals as well as brand logo costs you about 85000 rupees.

Moreover, these are simple and no harmful hazard delivering machines which could be operated by females as well. Thus, if you are looking to run a business at home buy this setup and sell your brand. A normal chappals production costs you 40 to 50 rupees and could be sold out in 100 to 150.

4.      Egg hedging machine

Before last but not least is the egg hedging machine. You don’t need to be worried by reading the name as it doesn’t like the actual machine.

In Pakistan, we are famous for making local “Jugads”. Egg hedging is an international business that is running in the whole world with professional machines.

But in Pakistan, you can do this business with a desi machine that is prepared from an electrical kit within a plastic basket. These baskets come in different sizes from 36 eggs to 100 and more.

A normal 36 eggs hedging basket can produce 36 eggs. These eggs are not as costly as we think. Like you are not going to use your casual desi eggs or Farm eggs. You are going to use this machine for the production of fancy hens.

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For example, if you purchase an egg of 50 rupees of Australorp hen. This would be reproduced in 21 days. Now you need to take care of these chickens for one month and then sell them in 500 and more.  

Additionally, by subtracting all the costs of this business you can earn 10 thousand monthly easily from a smaller basket. If you are going to start it at a bigger level, you can do it simply by buying bigger capacity machines.



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