30 boys and 2 female students, A pathetic moment in Britannia

Students are getting out of mind day by day. They are getting cruel and rude and instead of being the future, they can devastate the future.


If we look at the daily news, we got to know that many students are now living in prisons. Their crimes are weird and the root cause behind them is anger and lack of patience.


today’s student is more depressed, more arrogant, and patient less. They can do unimagined crimes which later on results in repenting.


Something similar happened in Britannia where a minor school fight result in cruelty. Some students fought in school for bad behavior. Later on, it calmed.


But on a normal day, 30 students were aiming for two girls in the park. When those girls entered the park, that group attacked those girls.


Both of them fell down and the boys keep on beating them with punches, legs, and hits. A nearby woman screamed to leave the girls but the boys beat her also.


When they finished beating them, they threw them in the water. The school ensured to take action against all these students and also asked parents to help them.

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