30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

It's normal to feel happy and cheerful around the holidays, but also to cringe when you see your credit card bill. Even while tech presents don't have to be pricey, there are some great devices that can be purchased for less than $50. These gifts can be given to multiple members of your favorite social circle without breaking the bank.

The majority of tech items under $50 will be accessories, ranging from practical PC peripherals to gaming equipment and smartphone add-ons. These are 29 unique tech gift ideas that are all under $50 and are guaranteed to make someone smile.

K380 Wireless Keyboard By Logitech

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

It is a multifunctional keyboard, the K380. It can easily switch between up to three Bluetooth devices with a single button click. Additionally, it is small and light enough to be carried anywhere, yet sturdy enough to be used as a regular desktop keyboard. For people who want a single keyboard for many devices, this is a terrific present.

Fusion Rocketbook Reusable Notepad

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

The Rocketbook Fusion is a notebook that you may use over and over again for the planner on your list. Although it works like a regular writing pad, you can use the Rocketbook App to scan and "digitize" your handwritten notes and drawings before uploading them to the cloud. You can then start over by erasing everything.

Joby Tripod Podzilla

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

A great little tripod for photographers is the Podzilla. It can be stabilized by wrapping its movable legs around an item. In addition, it functions as a handgrip for filming videos while on the go. Most cameras may be attached with a regular screw, but if you want to use your smartphone or GoPro, you can include an alternative mount.

Anker Nano Ii 65w 735 Charger

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Anker's 735 Charger is capable of simultaneously charging a laptop, a phone or tablet, and a low-wattage device thanks to its two USB-C and one USB-A ports, which together generate 65 watts of charging power. It is more practical than the chargers that are typically bundled with gadgets these days because of its small size and three USB connections.

Apple Airtag And Tile Mate

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

The Tile Mate is arguably the greatest and most widely used find-it tag available. This little plastic square is simple to clip onto a keyring, and you can purchase an additional attachment to fasten it to almost anything. In order to locate the Tile, it pairs with an app on your smartphone, which you may use to trigger the Tile to ring. The software can provide you with the position of the Tile if it is far away from you but close to another Tile user.

You might want to think about the Apple AirTag instead if you possess an iPhone. This find-it tag functions similarly to the Tile, but when it gets lost, the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad can provide even more accurate directions.

Musical Instrument: Otamatone

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Originating in Japan, the Otamatone is a peculiar musical instrument that has gained popularity all over the world. It is like a tadpole crossed with a musical note, and when you move its "mouth" and touch your fingers along the stem, it emits an electronic screeching sound.

The Otamatone is a legitimate instrument that requires practice to learn, even though it's entertaining to play around with. However you choose to use it, it's a fantastic present that both children and adults will enjoy using.

Cloths With Magicfiber Microfiber

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Microfiber cleaning wipes are designed specifically to remove oil and fingerprints from screens and lenses without causing any scratches or scuffs. For this reason, they are necessary if you use a smartphone or wear glasses. They also function on LCD computers and TV screens.

For less than $10, you can purchase six MagicFiber microfiber towels from this particular offering. For efficient cleaning cloths that are meant to last for several uses, it is a terrific bargain.

The 4k Roku Streaming Stick

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Anyone who is still using an outdated "dumb" TV without apps or who is dissatisfied with the navigation speed of their current smart TV would benefit greatly from a streaming stick. One of the greatest sticks you can get for around $50 is the Roku 4K Stick, which is also extremely reasonably priced at $25 when it's on sale. Just make sure the TV your giftee receives has an HDMI connector so you can connect it.

Wireless Controller For Xbox Core

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Some people thought that the controllers for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One were the nicest designs ever. The Xbox Core Wireless Controller, the most recent iteration, continues that tradition.

In addition to being compatible with the Xbox, the Xbox Core controller may be linked to your PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This implies that you'll always have a comfy controller to use, regardless of how you play.

Apple Arcade Membership

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Anyone who enjoys playing games on their iPhone or iPad has to have Apple Arcade. It allows you to play hundreds of games without any advertisements in addition to providing you with instant access to them.

For a month, new subscribers can test out Apple Arcade for free. After that, it just costs $4.99 a month. It's also well worth the price when you consider how easy games like Shovel Knight Dig are and how challenging ones like Crossy Road Castle are.

Gaming Headset: Hyperx Cloud Stinger 2

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

This budget gaming headset works with all major consoles and PCs and offers DTS spatial audio. When swiveled out of the way, the microphone will automatically mute itself, and the headset has built-in volume controls.

Led Wooden Alarm Clock

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

This alarm clock could be the ideal option if you're seeking for a straightforward present with a unique appearance. In addition to telling the time, it will also measure the humidity and temperature in the space. Its sound control mode allows it to be switched off with a simple clap. Black, white, brown, and yellow are the available colors; variants with blue and red LED lights are also available.

Lighted Webcam Ring

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Having the right lighting can make a big difference in how you seem on camera, whether you're recording YouTube videos at home or merely attending Zoom meetings. This little ring light comes with a clip to fasten it straight to your computer screen or a tripod so you can stand it up on your desk.

Anker Power Strip 524

Travelers' best buddy is this cube-shaped power strip, which works on cruise ships as well as hotels. For phones and tablets, there are three AC outlets, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port; an extension cord makes it easy to plug into confined locations. Additionally, because you don't want your present recipient to remember you that way, the 524 includes built-in safety safeguards to avoid overloads.

Kodak Film Scanner On The Go

This scanner allows you to digitize slides and film negatives using the camera on your phone. All you have to do is insert a slide or negative into the slot, activate the backlight, and use an accompanying app to take and save the picture. The cardboard box is collapsible for storage when not in use. It's a wonderful present for grandparents and parents.

UV Phone Sanitizer, Phonesoap 3

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Phone surfaces are prone to attracting microorganisms. Using ultraviolet light, the PhoneSoap cleans phones, wallets, cards, keys, and tiny objects that fit inside the case of bacteria and viruses.

Heyday Compact, Handheld Bluetooth Speaker With Loop

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

You can throw spontaneous parties anywhere, at any time, using this tiny speaker. After around six hours of playback, use Bluetooth to pair it with your phone and recharge it via USB.

Magsafe Charger For Apple

One of the few methods to get the fastest wireless charging speeds on an iPhone is to use Apple's MagSafe charger, a thin, puck-shaped wireless charger that firmly adheres to the back of the iPhone 12 or newer using powerful magnets. It's priced fairly for what it is, and getting an official Apple product is usually a little more thrilling than getting a third-party one. It's not the cheapest nor the most costly option.

Wallet Pelican Protector Magsafe

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

Pelican is a very reputable case manufacturer. A hard-shell case that can hold cash and three cards when opened is the Protector MagSafe Wallet. Compared to leather or cloth alternatives, the sturdy material is more resilient. Use it independently or fasten it to the rear of iPhones that are compatible with MagSafe.

Pelican Protector Magsafe

The Hasta is a canvas laptop sleeve that is quite sturdy. The laptop is shielded from scratches and unintentional drops by the soft inside padding and the use of organic cotton throughout the bag. Designed to fit computers up to 16 inches, the pockets accommodate small goods, keys, and accessories. In addition to giving away a high-quality laptop case, a portion of the sales will benefit Feeding America.

Jlab True Wireless Earbuds Jbuds Air

For their price, the JLab Jbuds Air has incredible sound quality that surpasses even the most affordable AirPods. Not only are they water-resistant for workouts, but the charging case comes with an integrated charging cable, so you never have to worry about carrying your own. They also lack fancy features like wireless charging and noise-cancelling.

Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse, Logitech G305

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

The performance of the Logitech G305 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse is comparable to that of a much more costly model. The G305 forgoes more luxurious features like rainbow (RGB) illumination or ultra-lightweight in order to keep its price low, although it is available in a range of colors. Ask your giftee how they like to hold their mouse; it's also on the smaller side, so it's ideal for petite hands or those who prefer the "claw" grip. Its lightweight, compact design and integrated USB dongle storage make it incredibly portable.

American Indian Folding Laptop Stand

30 Awesome Tech Presents Under $50

This stand makes typing on a laptop more ergonomic and pleasant by raising it over a desk. The Fold Laptop Stand folds up, as suggested by its name, and is small enough to pack into a bag without taking up much room. We adore the well-made and practical minimalist products from Native Union.

MagSafe Popgrip Phone Holder By Popsockets

PopSockets are a hit as gifts, but not everyone wants to use sticky tape to attach one to their phone. For those who have iPhones that are MagSafe, this PopGrip is an excellent fix. It just attaches magnetically and is just as simple to take off. It functions as a kickstand in addition to being a useful handhold.

8-Bitdo N30 Controller For Gaming

The N30 controller from 8bitdo would make the retro gamer very happy. The N30 is a wireless reimagining of the iconic NES controller that is intended to be used with the Nintendo Switch to play old games. Though it has an outdated appearance, the N30 is incredibly modern because to its shoulder buttons and integrated rechargeable battery.

Wool Felt Desk Pad In Grovemade

Beyond just making a workstation appear nice, this silk desk pad accomplishes more. It converts a hard surface into a comfortable spot for hands, a notebook, a keyboard, and a mouse to rest. It also functions as a mouse pad. Eight colors are available to fit your decor.

Dim Security Camera With Blink

With features like motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio, these tiny inside security cameras let you see and hear what's happening around your house as well as communicate with guests or pets while you're gone.

Clip-On Vlog Light Revo

Like the other ring light on this list, this portable attachment helps provide extra light when using the camera and is made to clip onto any phone, tablet, or laptop with ease. It assists in highlighting information that would be missed otherwise.

Moshi Digital Gloves For Touchscreens

A warm pair of mittens is the perfect accessory as winter approaches and the temperature drops. However, the majority of thick mittens come with a drawback: you can't use your skin-sensitive smartphone while wearing them.

This is resolved by stitching conductive fiber into each and every finger of the Moshi Digits gloves. This enables you to continue using your phone and warming your hands simultaneously. Before you go on your next winter holiday, you really need these gloves.

Kenu Position Small Tripod

By connecting to the Lightning or USB-C socket on your phone, this little tripod essentially gives it legs to stand on. It may be used in landscape mode to watch YouTube videos or in portrait mode for video conversations. It's helpful for group or selfie photography as well. But the creative aspect? We promise you'll find the bottle opener function on one of the legs to be quite useful. It's simple to connect to your keys using a ring.


Q.1: How May A Gift Be Made More Interesting?
Ans: Add a personalized mug to make it a double pick-me-up. Choose a mug with an image that will bring a smile to the face of your nephew who enjoys hot chocolate or the recent college graduate getting ready for their first job. Finish the present with a gift card to your neighborhood coffee shop or a recipe for your favorite hot beverage.

Q.2: Can I Present A Gift To My Boss?
Ans: While some businesses don't permit it, others do. If you do choose to purchase a gift for your boss, think about contacting the HR department to find out the guidelines about gift-giving. You are free to shop as much as you like to find the ideal present for your boss after they give you the all-clear.

Q.3: What Is The Best Present You Could Offer Someone?
Ans: Believing in someone is the best gift you can give them. In the capacity of a leader, friend, parent, coach, or coworker. Have faith in people. Well, if you find it difficult at times to believe in yourself, begin by believing in other people.


It's important to remember that not all pricey technology is good. As an illustration, what occurred after I spent about $50 on a smart glass with bone conduction speakers? Never to be used again, I threw it in my closet.



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