3 reasons why we should pay taxes?

Taxes are the root of developing nations. Those who are successful these days are just because of their on-time tax paying and duty consideration.

We Pakistanis mostly bother it as a burden and a fine to be deducted from our salaries and income. In Pakistan, approximately 40% of people or less than this ratio pays taxes. Other than this are hiding their income and abiding by tax payments.

Tax is not as considered, it’s the amount utilized in different scenarios. But in corrupt governments, paying taxes is no less than trashing your money. Even how we would encourage to pay taxes as these taxes are useful in the following cases;

1)      Healthcare and Education

 A successful government is one that thinks about educating their nation and building the best health resources. You can estimate the health management from recent Covid-19 Situation that how different powerful countries failed to manage the disease.

On the other hand, we can see that the covid-19 vaccine was prepared by westerns, not Pakistanis or Indians. Why? Because we don’t have the education level higher enough to make our students capable of introducing such vaccines.

Therefore, both of these things are necessary for the growth of a country. So, if a nation is paying taxes and the government is honest toward their duties then no one can destruct their education and health care system. As governments mostly spend these taxes on these two basic necessities of life.

2)      Spending on crisis

The second thing where we mostly utilize taxes is a crisis. Mostly we face floods and earthquakes that lead to severe damage to property as well as human lives.

In these conditions, the government supplies what they need. Also, help them financially to stabilize them. Therefore, taxation plays a vital role in the rehabilitation and development of nations.

Also, it becomes challenging to run a whole country of 22 to 25 crore people and different divisions. Therefore, governments need taxes to give support to their economy.

3)      Welfare schemes and infrastructure

The last and vital part of spending taxes is welfare schemes and infrastructure. To deliver a smooth life to every single citizen, governments utilize best practices to supply cheap access to every aspect of life.

This is why, we have many welfare schemes in our countries including the Kamyab Jwan program, Sehat Insaaf Card, and many more. Also, the road construction and government buildings are developed from the taxes we pay. Thus, paying taxes is all-time in our favor.


Final words;

We as a nation must develop positivity about the growth of our country. Paying taxes is our duty and we should be careful about it. As we are going to utilize it collaboratively. Therefore pay taxes and ask others to be responsible for paying tax and live a tension-free life.



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