15 Smart Home Gadgets

In the modern world, having a smart home is now essential. This configuration involves IoT-enabled appliances and other home equipment that can be automatically controlled remotely via mobile or other networked devices from any location with an internet connection.

Smart gadgets are essential for smart homes, including cameras, alarm clocks, fans, lighting, ACS, and much more. With all of these smart gadgets, any ordinary house may be transformed into a smart one. Additionally simplifying lives are smart doorbells, switches, and lighting. Smart houses are now feasible thanks to technology, and while they were originally mostly associated with cities, they are gradually gaining traction as a way of life. According to a recent survey, 32% of Indian customers anticipate spending between $20,000 and $50,000 on smart home technology by 2023. Automation of smart homes comes with a set of benefits and drawbacks.

Positives aspects

  • Smart homes improve convenience and ease of living. It lowers expenses and conserves energy.
  • Your home is safe and secure with smart home automation.
  • It is also becoming more affordable because smart home appliances are becoming more and more affordable.

Negative aspects

  • There is a chance that skilled hackers may breach security and take control of internet-connected appliances in smart homes.
  • In critical circumstances, the gadgets may hang up or crash. Make sure your smart home devices are made by reputable vendors and that your WiFi connection is steady.

These are all the devices you'll need to begin turning your conventional house into a "Smart Home." Continue reading to learn more about turning a regular house into a smart home.

15 Devices to Turn Your Ordinary House Into a Smart One

1.     Locked door smartly

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What's that? Digital locks featuring fingerprint sensors, RFID cards, PINs, and OTPs are called smart door locks. These locks can be accessed with a paired smartphone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Because they are secured by unique passwords or guest codes that can only be provided to reliable individuals, they are extremely secure.

Indian Smart Door Lock Brands: The top smart door locks are offered by Qubo, Yale, Godrej, Ozone, Valencia, Lavna, Foxgard, and Tinxy in India. Depending on the features, the pricing range is between Rs. 18,000 and Rs. 21,000.

2.     Video Doorbell Smart

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What is it: Gone are the days of relying on a ting-tong bell to let you know who was at your door; instead, smart video doorbells allow you to know exactly who is at your door before you open it to the intruder. An internet-connected doorbell will alert the homeowner's smartphone or other electronic device when a visitor arrives. It will activate the doorbell when the visitor presses the button or when the doorbell detects movement using built-in motion sensors. Because smart video doorbells have cameras and sensors, they require power. The best brands of smart video doorbells in India are Arlo, AmiciSmart, Godrej, HikVision, Qubo, Toucan, CP Plus, MOGOI, and L&G.

3.     Intelligent Switches

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What is it: There are moments when you wish to switch on or off an appliance without getting up from where you are working or relaxing. This issue is resolved with smart switches, which you can use with the smartphone in your hand. It's a cheap way to add smarts to your house. If you don't want to replace your current appliances, you may purchase a smart switch, connect it in, and use WiFi to manage your appliances from your tablet or smartphone. When purchasing a smart switch, only consider its style, features, and functionality.

The top brands of smart switches in India include Tinxy, Sonoff, Protium, Smarteefi, Homemate, Tata, and Livpure. The range of prices is from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000.

4.     Intelligent Lighting

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What is it? Smart bulbs are lightbulbs that are simply turned on or off using a voice command or an app. These lights can also be controlled with an app on your smartphone using WiFi to change the colour and brightness. These lights come in a variety of colours and are simple to connect to your home's WiFi or Bluetooth for convenient control.

Indian Smart Bulbs Brands: The top smart bulbs in the nation may be found with brands like Philips, Wipro, Mi, Halonix, Realme, and Syska. The price range for the smart bulbs is Rs. 550–Rs. 1000.

5.     Intelligent Automated Vacuum Cleaners

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What's that? Robot hoover cleaners, also referred to as robovacs, are equipped with sensors, robotic drives and programmable controllers, floor cleaning systems and cleaning schedules. Certain robot vacuums have the ability to dust, sweep, and mop in addition to sweeping.

Brands of Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India: The top robot vacuums are sold by companies like Realme, Xiaomi, Roborack, iRobot, Eufy, Ecovacs, Viomi, Inalsa, and Eureka Forbes. Prices vary from 10,000 to 80,000 rupees, based on the features and functionalities.

6.     Electronic Speakers

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What is it: Smart speakers are convenient gadgets that let you control your music playback with voice commands. With these speakers, you can use your voice command to manage not only music but also news, take calls, and more. As assistants, smart speakers let you operate other smart home appliances. There is a huge range of smart speakers available in India.

The top smart speaker brands available in India are Boat, JBL, Amazon, Zebronics, Mi, Flipkart, Noise, Google, and Bose. It all depends on one's wants and finances; speakers range in price from around $5,000 to over $1,000,000, depending on the model.

7.     Intelligent security cameras

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What's that? Smart security cameras give you peace of mind if you're worried about your family's safety while you're away. These are home security and monitoring gadgets. Security cameras can be placed outside or indoors, and they have features like WiFi, Bluetooth, HD resolution, night vision, and smartphone management. It may also be necessary to have multiple security cameras. They can be wired or wireless, and they can capture video for later use.

Indian Smart Security Camera Brands: The greatest security cameras are available from companies like TP-Link, Realme, Qubo, Imou, and Mi. The cost varies from 2,499 to 5,000 rupees.

8.     Intelligent Laundry Systems

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What is it: There are, in fact, intelligent washing machines. These devices provide good results comparable to those of standard washing machines and may be operated from your tablet or smartphone. These devices share the same WiFi connection as laptops and phones at home. Using Google or Alexa, or even the gadget in your hand, you can remotely set up your washing machine.

Indian Smart Washing Machine Brands: Bosch, LG, Samsung, and IFB are just a few of the companies that sell smart washers in India. Given that they range in price from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 70,000, they are somewhat pricey.

9.     Intelligent Washers

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What's that? An intelligent dishwasher is an internet-connected smart home equipment that enhances the functionality of a regular dishwasher. These features include smartphone controls, virtual assistant voice controls, and WiFi connectivity. These dishwashers can be locked or unlocked remotely, making them safe for kids to use. You can also receive device notifications when the wash cycle ends, the detergent or rinsing air levels are low, or there is a malfunction.

Indian Smart Dishwasher Brands: Smart dishwashers are available in India from brands including LG, Bosch, and Faber. They are priced between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 80,000.

10.                        Intelligent Fans

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What is it: These are smart app-controlled IoT-enabled fans that significantly improve people's life. These fans contain LED speed indicators, timed mode, speed control, and other functions. They also include smart remotes. They don't require a regulator because they can be managed through apps. To control these fans, simply download the app and connect them to your home WiFi.

India's Smart Fan Brands: Orient, Bajaj, Havells, Luminous, Atomberg, and LG are among the companies that sell smart fans there. Smart fans range in price from Rs. 1300 to Rs. 8000.

11.                        Intelligent TVs

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What is it: These days, smart televisions are highly prevalent in India. These TVs let you view all web material on a large screen in addition to functioning like regular TVs. With Smart TVs, one can do more than just view videos from their phone or play games. Indian homes are starting to incorporate Smart TVs as OTT services gain traction.

Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Kodak, Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, OnePlus, and many more are among them. With the evolution of smart TVs into LED TVs, 4K TVs, and more, the prices range from Rs. 12,000 to over a lakh.

12.                        Intelligent freezers

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What it is: You may use these WiFi-enabled refrigerators at home to ensure that you are aware of important details regarding temperature, cooling, and other aspects. In addition to inbuilt cameras, more customizable cooling settings, and a touchscreen interface, they allow you to communicate even when you're not at home.

Indian Smart Refrigerator Brands: The two major manufacturers of smart refrigerators in India are Samsung and LG. They run from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs.

13.                        Wired streaming gadgets

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What is it: With everyone wanting to watch their favourite material at their favourite time and place, TV media streaming devices have become increasingly significant in today's world. By enabling the streaming of content from any phone, website, or app onto large TV screens, these devices may transform any ordinary TV into a smart TV. All these gadgets require to be plugged in is an HDMI port.

Brands of Smart Streaming gadgets in India: A vast array of smart streaming gadgets are available from companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Mi. These gadgets range in price from about Rs. 2000 to Rs. 20,000, making them incredibly reasonable.

14.                        Wise Warning Systems

15 Smart Home Gadgets

What's that? A smart alarm system integrates your security with daily life by utilising home networks, wireless technology, and the widespread usage of mobile devices. These systems, which range from door sensors to wireless CCTVs, let you control, monitor, and personalise your security from anywhere at any time using a smartphone.

Indian Smart Alarm System Brands: In India, smart alarm systems are available from Godrej, Ausha, and Impact. The price range is Rs. 2,000–Rs. 5000.

15.                        Intelligent Air Conditioners

What is it: Although smart air conditioners can be operated using a remote, they can also be operated by an app on a smartphone or other device if the user wants to turn on the air conditioner from a distance while they are not at home. This allows you to remotely control the temperature and turn on/off your air conditioning unit.

Indian Smart AC Brands: Smart air conditioners are available in India from brands like LG, Lloyd, Daikin, Voltas, Panasonic, Samsung, and Amazon. The cost of these Smart ACs ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000.

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Q.1: Which Electronic Device Is The Most Popular?

Ans: The issue of "What is the most widely used device among consumers today?" is raised by this. According to recent data, cell phones are the most widely used gadgets worldwide. In 2023, 96.9% of customers will have a smartphone.

Q.2: What Electrical Devices Are Used In Daily Life?

Ans: Office equipment includes calculators, scanners, printers, fax machines, personal computers, and front projectors. Appliances for the home include microwaves, air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators.

Q.3: What Are Smart Home Appliances?

Ans: Any electronic gadget that can communicate with other devices, be connected to your smart home system, and have some autonomous decision-making capabilities is considered a smart device. Smart gadgets include things like stereos, doorbells, garage doors, alarm systems, stoves, and televisions.


These 15 intelligent devices will thereby transform your average house into a very intelligent and effective one. In what number do you intend to install these? Tell us in the space provided for comments below.

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