12 CRAZY GADGETS Buy For 2024

So these are my picks for 12 of the best tech GS you can buy in 2024 and I know 12 is a pretty long list but I got to admit I'm a sucker for these gift guides like I watch them I read them so whether you're trying to buy a gift for somebody else uh or just buy something for yourself or maybe you just want to see.

what tech I'm interested in these spin a whole different price range going from very very cheap things to very very expensive things and I kind of want to break this down based on categories so the first one is for bedrooms and and desk stuff and kicking this list off


12 CRAZY GADGETS Buy For 2024

with number 12 this is the tidbit or tid bite screen uh and it can show you so many different things a cool little decoration for an office or a desk that can show you stock prices your YouTube subscriber count the weather uh just literally anything you want the app has Endless Options and you can cycle through things based on different times of day and different times of the week moving on to number 11 this is a 3D.


12 CRAZY GADGETS Buy For 2024

printer this is the Ender 3 Pro the one that I personally use I studied engineering and so for me having a 3D printer was a no-brainer it's so fun I use it all the time you can make little things that are useful or big things or fix things around the house or like whatever you want to do there's so much stuff you could do with this you don't even have to be good at designing you can just download models and put them on an SD card and have this print.

3. Anker MagSafe Stand

12 CRAZY GADGETS Buy For 2024

Them a great gift that I recommend for basically everybody is this little anchor mag safe stand and it does a lot so on the bottom we've got a wireless charging pad for literally anything we have a MAG safe battery pack that also doubles as a charger when it's on the stand so I have this on my desk set my iPhone on there it literally Never Dies because I'm always topping it off at my desk for anybody who loves colored



lights Philips Hue is an obvious gift of course you can buy Hue bulbs for cheaper but if you have a little extra cash the Hue gradient floor lamp is absolutely amazing it pairs with TVs or stereos to match the movie or whatever you're watching or another option is just to kind of cycle through like a simulator sunrise or just show different colours it really sets a whole room on dance.



you're buying a gift for somebody who has a lot of hue lamps then the next one solves a huge problem I guarantee they're facing and that is when you have Hue bulbs you can't actually control them without having the app unless you buy the Lutron Aurora which mounts on any wall switch and essentially allows you to either turn the bulb on or off or dim it so I have the app my wife doesn't and she can still control all of our lights in the room very intuitively with that product is the last one in this.



category I've made multiple videos about this this is the Samsung Freestyle as we can see right here a small portable projector that can Shine On Any wall or any surface it'll automatically Focus automatically adjusting Keystone you can shine it on the ceiling in your bedroom you can have a projector screen you can play games on this you can do so many different things you could just simulate like a window in a room for a party such a cool product and there's There really nothing else out there like it it also has speakers on there so it's an all-in-one unit that connects to Wi-Fi.


moving on to the next category of health the first one here is the aura ring now this is the one I've been wearing the aura gen 3 Horizon and it actually brings me to the sponsor of today's video which is Best Buy so you can buy this Aura ring Horizon at Best Buy or any of the products I'm showing you in this video from Best Buy I'll have links down in the description below but the aura ring I wanted to mention for this specifically because it does have a cool promotion but before that promotion let's talk about the aura.

Six Different Colors

ring The aura ring comes in six different colors and there are two kind of minimalist designs like I said this one is the Horizon so it doesn't have a flat spot it's really there's a little tiny indent on one side but I like wearing the aura ring because personally.

I'm not the biggest fan of sleeping with a watch on and this actually tracks your sleep more accurately than most smartwatches out there because watches are big and they move around and your wrist is really hard to keep something in one spot whereas your finger you can spin it around and it's still on your finger so it's not going to lose contact with your finger it's really great for tracking your heart rate your body temperature Trends your blood oxygen your movement your respiration your heart rate variability.

it has a lot of Biometrics it tracks and it summarizes your health in a very intuitive way within the app so the big one of course is going to be sleep tracking it could also do things like detect sickness early and another thing that I know a lot of people who actually do this is you could either prevent or plan pregnancy with the natural cycles app which is powered by Aura measuring your temperature Trends you also have a long battery life on here you're getting 5 days per charge and unlike most.

General Idea

watches out there you don't have distractions so you don't have a bright screen you don't have vibrations on here it's subtle like this can track everything charges it once a week and like you barely even notice it's on your hand and like I said in the app you have five different tabs so the first one is home which is just like a general idea of your health you have your Readiness score your sleep score your activity score and then the explore page which can suggest different like Health improvements and things like that so the order ring makes for a really good gift for yourself your partner or anybody else that you know and Best Buy uh like I said the sponsor of today's video made it is really easy to do that by bundling a gift card with the sizing kit so if you don't know somebody's exact size you can buy that sizing kit you also get a gift card when you buy it so it's basically free and then once you have their size you can get them this ring and in addition, it also comes with a 1mo membership trial after that it's $5.99 a month so check out the link below and thanks again to Best Buy for sponsoring this video and moving along with the other two Health Tech products I have one of them is a massage gun this thing is so.



useful uh if you work out a lot you'll probably use it but if you have a partner uh you'll probably be having them massage your back when you're laying in bed at night is just such a good thing to have and this one's.


12 CRAZY GADGETS Buy For 2024

definitely more of like a nerd thing I'm a huge fan of this but I know a lot of people would probably never buy it but this is a smart air quality meter to me it's so interesting to track CO2 levels in my bedroom in my office office and kind of make sure I'm always at a good level as well as like the air quality index and things like that but like I said this one's not for everybody moving on to a category that I think everybody can get on board with these are products for anybody who likes music the first three are different pairs of earbuds the cheapest one is going to be the Galaxy buds Fe they're


12 CRAZY GADGETS Buy For 2024

not the cheapest one on the market but they're the cheapest one that I think makes a really solid gift especially for any Android User if they're an Apple user these wouldn't be ideal and instead, I would recommend the anchor Soundcore Liberty 4nc earbuds but for Android users the Galaxy buds are awesome because they give you really great active noise cancellation and when you trade in literally any pair of earbuds even some cheap wired ones you can get $25 off which brings them to about $75 moving to a mid-tier pair of earbuds.


where did they go set them around here somewhere these even though they're priced like a mid-tier pair of earbuds are really almost more of a flagship they have multi-point connectivity so you can connect to your laptop and your phone and just switch seamlessly they have great sound and a really cool aesthetic here and just across the board are just a solid pair no matter what device you're using Apple or Android.

12. SONY WF1000XMS

for a more premium option the Sony wf1000x Mark 5 earbuds annoying name I know but the earbuds I promise are anything but Annoying these are fantastic with among the best active noise cancellation on the market arguably the best depending on how you test them they have great sound quality they have every feature you would want as well as a lot more in the app.

like Sony just does it right with earbuds but if you want to share your sound we've got some options for speakers as well I've got the next four options I think next four things on this list are speakers the first one is a tiny speaker is the Sony XP100

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