100 days after the launch of the war, the Israeli army killed 40 percent of Hamas fighters.

The Israeli 

service  blazoned on the 14th that it had killed  further than 10,000 Hamas and other  zealots and had struck nearly 30,000  spots in the Palestinian Authority's Gaza Strip. Hamas fighters numbered around 25,000 and about 40 of them were killed. still,Mr. Sinwar, the head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip who led across-border attack last October, and others are still alive and well, and there's no end in sight to the fighting.




The 14th marks

the 100th anniversary of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. According to the Israeli  service, the army killed nearly 1,000 Hamas fighters who crossed the border into Israel on October 7 and killed  further than 9,000 others in ground operations in Gaza. In Lebanon, they attacked 750  spots belonging to the Shiite Islamist group Hezbollah, killing  further than 170 fighters.





188 dogfaces of the Israeli army were killed in the ground fighting in Gaza. The total number of victims on the Israeli side is about 1,300. Hamas has also detained  further than 130 people in Gaza. also,  further than 10,000 rockets and grenades have been fired at Israel from Gaza and other areas.


At least 24,100 people have been killed so far.

numbers from Gaza authorities don't distinguish between fighters and civilians. About1.9 million people,  further than 80 percent of the population, have been forced to flee their homes and come deportees. further than 65,000 houses were  fully destroyed and about 290,000 houses were damaged. further than 10,000  residers have no homes to return to..   




The  philanthropic   extremity in Gaza is  heightening,

and Director- General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Deportees( UNRWA) Lazzarini said on the 13th," The citizens of Gaza feel that( after the fighting started) to) 100 days have passed. The time It's time to  review, ” he said, calling for an immediate ceasefire.




On the 14th,

Israeli forces and Hamas are engaged in heavy fighting in the areas of Breji and Maghazi in central Gaza and Khan Yunis in the south. According to Gaza authorities, 125 people have been killed in the last 24 hours.




Israeli  officers

  blazoned on the 14th that a Hezbollahanti-tank gun hit a house in northern Israel, killing two civilians. Israel  redressed against Hezbollah  fortresses in southern Lebanon.


Regarding the situation in the north,

Halavi said," We've  fully destroyed the military structure of Hamas. We're  presently continuing our  charge to maintain this result." That  tolerance is necessary and necessary for the destruction of Hamas. 


According to the United Nations,

1.9 million people, or 85 percent of the population of the Gaza Strip, have been displaced. Israel has agreed to allow the United Nations to conduct on-  point  examinations of northern  residers in medication for their return. still, according to the US  suppose tank Institute for the Study of War, fighters  similar as Hamas continue to wage guerrilla warfare in the north, and field  examinations appear doubtful.



in a speech on the 13th, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu  blazoned his intention to significantly increase defense spending and expand the military assiduity. The move appears to be aimed at reducing dependence on military aid from countries like the US and  adding  security.



in view of the fact that a case has been filed at the International Court of Justice( ICJ) in The Hague, Netherlands, on the base that the attack on Gaza constitutes" genocide"( mass murder), And with  sympathizers. - Hamas- combined Iranian fortified groups" The Hague( ICJ)"" No bone can stop us, be it the axis of  wrong or the axis of  wrong," he said, continuing to fight until Hamas is destroyed. He reiterated his position to keep.


A serious 

philanthropic   extremity continues in the Gaza Strip. According to Middle East satellite  TV Al Jazeera and other sources, 20 people were killed in an Israeli airstrike near Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip on the 13th. A fierce exchange of fire took place near Al- Aqsa Hospital in the central region. Due to power outage in hospitals, cases and babe are facing dangerous conditions. There are also reports that 10 people were killed in an airstrike on a house in the southern  megacity of Rafah where  residers had taken  retreat.


Gaza health 

officers  blazoned on the 14th that 23,968 people had been killed and 60,582 wounded in the fighting. numerous people are reported missing, with one in 20 Gaza  residers either dead, injured or missing, according to Al Jazeera.


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